Online Text Obfuscator

Obfuscate text to keep it below a robot's radars. Stay free from bots attention while dealing with humans.

Why obfuscate?

Text obfuscation can help circumvent filters on AI systems like ChatGPT and censorship from models like Claude. Disguise content from bots while keeping text human-readable. Obfuscation can be accompanied by tools like inaccurate translators and synonym generators to further mask sensitive texts.


It is also important to keep in mind that obfuscation can sometimes save you from people searching online. But it is not a perfect solution to hide contact details, protect your e-mail or other sensitive information. Obfuscation is not encryption. And it can be easily reversed by a human or a specialized tool and original data can be recovered. Obfuscation is also using diacritic marks, which may be ignored by some search engines. E-mail obfuscation is also may lead to losing all e-mails sent to pasted obfuscated address. E-mail address obfuscation is not recommended.